Job titles draw additional ire

Toby and I have had our recent rants on job titles and their ever increasing irrelevance. We’re a cranky lot. We like to criticize a great deal. And I’ll let you in on a little something. Keep this a secret, but… we may be a little picky. Shh. I’m only telling you because I like you.

But, see here’s the thing: we may be on to something with the whole job titles thing. We’re not the only ones who see it. And I only say this because the inimitable Lisa Haneberg has a brilliant post about Defining Job Fit Criteria that, although more eloquent than our attempts here at More than a living, was right in line with our gripes.

To wit:

How do I write this politely and with some level of political correctness? Oh, forget about it, I’ll just type what I am thinking – most job descriptions suck. They suck for a few reasons.

It’s well worth the read, so please head on over to Management Craft to partake. And, if you’re so inclined, drop back by More than a living to give us your opinion on job titles.

UPDATE (December 8, 2006): Stumbled upon another riff on the job title/job posting problem. This time it’s a brief, but insightful, missive from Marketing Headhunter entitled Job Descriptions are Marketing Documents.

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