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Top 10 (or so) Ways to Ensure You Never Lose Another Employee

Turnover blows. Here is how you can prevent the pain – forever: Hire incompetent people – no one else ever will. They will be yours to keep until the day they retire. Promote people beyond their abilities. Always eliminate training … Continue reading

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File under "Insights that seem shocking if you've been working under a rock"

According to the Houston Chronicle–or as the hip kids like to call it “The Chron”–half of your stellar employees may be looking for a new gig. No. I’m serious. Forty-seven percent of your most productive, most creative, most valuable workers … Continue reading

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Empowered employees versus following the rules

From Boing Boing, a piece on Bank of America’s treatment of a customer who was trying to do something right. It’s resulting in a great deal of backlash. To the tune of $50 million withdrawn from accounts (so far). The … Continue reading

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More than 50 ways (to motivate you) to leave your manager

Dumb Little Man isn’t so dumb. Take a look at the 50+ Ways a Manager can get Employees to Quit. Other than likely having a few more to add to the list, my only change would be the title of … Continue reading

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Accountability: Effective Managers Go First

ChangeThis. Always a good source for inspiring manifestos. Manifesti? Manifesta? Anyway, for you managers looking to make a real difference, why not try leading by actually, well, leading? How far are you willing to go to facilitate change in your … Continue reading

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Personal Brands Matter in Tacit Work

Labor revolution has taken us from transformational to transactional and now to tacit work. Personal brands matter most when what you buy is intellectual property. You aren’t going to make your name based solely on the hours you work, or … Continue reading

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Managers should focus on the individual

Great snippet from Pig Wisdom this morning: “Managers help organizations grow one person at a time.” Read more at Are Management and Leadership the Same?

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