Personal Brand Equity: Crunch the Numbers

Adding to your brand equitySpeaking of Personal Brand equity, I found this little measure of your brand, recycled (but posted!) from Tom Peters:

He offers what he calls a PBE or Personal Brand Equity Test (see below). Take some time to answer the following questions. If you’re not sure what you’re known for or what you should be known for, then ask some of your colleagues. Next, create a mini plan on how you’re going to improve your brand over the next six months to a year. (BTW- your brand equity should always be evolving and worth more as you gain more work experience.)

My favorite bullets simply underscore that future version, getting me ready for a better version of me. Note how these two should play together.

#2. My current project(s) is provocative and challenging to me in the following (1-3 ways).

#7. My principal “resume enhancement activity” for the next 60-90 days is (1 item).

Hat tip to Rebecca’s pocket.

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