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If you have that entrepreneurial bent

We’re not trying to stop you. Not at all. In fact, if you think that’s what you’d like to do, then by all means, go get ’em tiger. Whatever makes you happy. But before you go? You might want to … Continue reading

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Understanding what's compromising your productivity

Sometimes, disdain for your working environment can result in a gradually decreasing level of productivity that brings you closer and closer to a completely comatose state. And, this lack of progress tends to feed your dissatisfaction. Which makes you more … Continue reading

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Keeping a stiff upper lip

Over at Escape from Cubicle Nation, Pam alludes to the fears that overtake all entrepreneurs at some point or another. And works Saturday Night Live into the discussion, to boot. Continue reading

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Inspiring your employees

Amy just shared this Bank of America video which, unfortunately, reminded me of this Starbucks one. Now that I’ve finished laughing, it’s got me thinking: This is impressive. Admittedly, in a very sick way. But impressive. These companies have to … Continue reading

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Another venue for Kathy Sierra worship

So, any of you who have read hypocritical must realize that Kathy Sierra holds a special place in my heart. Because she’s a genius and I heart geniuses. And because she’s real and genuine. And that makes me appreciate her … Continue reading

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Advice for entrepreneurs? Guess what? It's useful inside corporations, too

I’ve been noticing more and more blogs, articles, and insights focused on entrepreneurs (which could be, quite possibly, because there are simply more and more of them). In my simplified view, this means one of two things or possibly both: … Continue reading

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Accountability: Effective Managers Go First

ChangeThis. Always a good source for inspiring manifestos. Manifesti? Manifesta? Anyway, for you managers looking to make a real difference, why not try leading by actually, well, leading? How far are you willing to go to facilitate change in your … Continue reading

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Jim Collins' bus just got bigger

First off, if you haven’t read Good to Great by Jim Collins, et al., you should. Even if you don’t like business books. It’s just an interesting read. For a business book, even. So read it, even if the term … Continue reading

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I still have the piece of paper

More than a living began more than a decade ago. It began as a series of ideas before it was More than a living. These discussions have spanned more than a decade (or two decades, combined) of frustration with the … Continue reading

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