Advice for entrepreneurs? Guess what? It's useful inside corporations, too

I’ve been noticing more and more blogs, articles, and insights focused on entrepreneurs (which could be, quite possibly, because there are simply more and more of them). In my simplified view, this means one of two things or possibly both: 1) Those folks have more time on their hands to do what they want, now that they’re on the other side of the desk and/or 2) There is a great deal of need for these types of articles that result in fame and fortune.

Okay, maybe the second one is wishful thinking. Where was I?
Oh yes. I just stumbled across a really good one over at MyBrainBlog, entitled Super Branding… and a cape.

Here’s some guidance he offers to the entrepreneurial, small business owner:

Rescue a few high-profile victims and use their word of mouth, endorsements, and referrals to help spread the word. The Daily Planet never misses a chance to print a front-page story about Superman saving the world. Save someone in the business world and see if you can make the front-page of your local business paper. City Hall was constantly heaping commendations on Batman. Do some of your own amazing acts of service heroics and perhaps your Chamber of Commerce or other civic organization will honor you with an award of your own. The people you save will definitely tell (and re-tell) about the time you pulled their fannies out of the fire.

But here’s the thing: That advice is good for anyone, small business or otherwise. And, to be honest, so is 80% of the advice in the all of the ever-growing multitude of entrepreneur and small business blogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cog in the system, an independent consultant, or pulling shots at your local coffee house. You’re not the target market, but this advice can be just as useful for you.

So, if you’re interested in staying with a company, don’t think that means the entrepreneurial blogs, articles, and insights aren’t for you. They are. They’re all just as applicable to you as they are to Joe-or-Jane-I’m-going-out-on-my-own.

So spend some time with the small-business blogs. Those kernels of wisdom tend to work for everyone. They just tend to be focused on a different type of role, not a different type of person.

You just have to change your frame of reference.

And now, for the gratuitous plug.

You could spend your valuable time searching for these little gems. Or you could just sign-up for the More than a living RSS feed, and we’ll send them to you as we find them. (If I were an attractive, intelligent, busy, and soon-to-be-more-fulfilled person, like you, I would choose the latter.)

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