Sometimes your support structure is neither supportive nor structured, discuss

Who said this quoteI’m just a magnet for these things lately. It’s beginning to unnerve me. But, I’m continuing to encounter quotes from famous folks that just really hit home. Maybe I’m looking for inspiration. Maybe I’m just riding a strange wave of synchronicity.

In any case, another entry on my quote-happy kick:

The human resources department is not responsible for taking care of you; you are. Know what you are good at, make sure your results are equal to your expectations, and manage yourself. Continually ask yourself, “What should MY contribution be?”

Any guesses on the author?

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5 Responses to Sometimes your support structure is neither supportive nor structured, discuss

  1. Oh, I just read this too. I think? Well, in any case, it is so true. I think Dilbert in many ways has captured the spirit of what HR has evolved into anymore. I don’t mean that there aren’t many bright wonderful people in HR, I mean many corporations use this dept more and more as a policing agent.

  2. Ron Davison says:

    The older I get, the odder this relationship between employer and employee seems. I don’t know who said this, but I’m going to agree that people need to accept the fact that no one else will manage their career. Personally, I think this is one more reason why personal coaches will replace supervisors.

  3. Rick Turoczy says:

    I wonder if age/experience has anything to do with it… or if it has actually become more and more broken?

    I mean, has it always been this broken and we’re just noticing, now? Or is it–due to lack of care and attention–simply getting more and more broken as time passes?.

    I can never be sure.

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