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Making mistakes: Providing too much information

Sometimes, you can provide too much detail. What? Rick? Mr. Over explain everything? Surely you jest. No, I’m serious. (Re-reading this post, I realize I have committed this sin, yet again.) Let me give you an example. If you are … Continue reading

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Making mistakes: Budgeting time with smaller teams

Since I’m in a self-deprecating mood, now seems to be as good of a time as any to write the next entry in our series of mistakes surrounding the development of Kumquat. Kumquat launches on February 14. No really. It … Continue reading

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Making mistakes: Assuming your excitement is infectious

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would try to take some time to highlight some of the mistakes we’ve made (and maybe are continuing to make) with Kumquat. Now, there are plenty of mistakes through which to sift, … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback is crucial

On the plane, I was reading an article in Motto by Jim Deupree of DBM’s International Center for Executive Options (ICEO). I made a note to link to the article once I got back to an internet connection, but guess … Continue reading

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Making mistakes

I am really good at making mistakes. Ask anyone. They infuriate me. But I make them. Quite a bit. But often, I’m not really supposed to talk about those mistakes. Because my employer might find it embarrassing. Or because shareholders … Continue reading

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Gen-X Management

Ray Williams of the Financial Post writes “Gen X will change work culture“. Of this I have no doubt. But I am wondering what our organizations, our institutions will look like 20 years forward, when X and Y have put … Continue reading

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Intel's 'Hard Knocks' Performance Reviews

Mike Rogoway of the Oregonian writes today about the employee evaluation process at Intel, a Portland area employer of some 16,000 in the area alone. These evaluations, or Focals, drive reward and punishment at the area employer. Bonuses to probation, … Continue reading

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How's your career road map coming along?

Today, Toby, Amy, and I sat down to discuss some of the future features and functions of Kumquat. Okay, I can hear you already. “Wha…? Why don’t you get the first one out the door before you go planning 18 … Continue reading

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Iglesias v. Gonzales: Kumquat, Anyone?

What some folks wouldn’t give right now for hard evidence of past performance reviews. Regardless of your political bent or theories on who did what and why, everyone seems to be wading through a confusing mismatch of facts, trying to … Continue reading

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StumbleUpon, Killer Startups mention Kumquat

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank the folks who took the time and effort to add Kumquat to both StumbleUpon and Killer Startups. It was a welcome–but completely unexpected–surprise. We’re glad that you think Kumquat sounds interesting. … Continue reading

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