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Partner? What?

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD writes in “Partners, not Employees“, published in a recent Talent Management’s issue (related reflection at his blog): Gone are the days when leaders could be — indeed, were expected to be — aloof and unapproachable, handing out … Continue reading

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Kumquat exhibiting in the Museum of the Modern Beta

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to Saurier Duval, curator extraordinaire of the Museum of the Modern Beta, for adding Kumquat to the ever-growing exhibition.

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How to write a better performance review

As I was doing a little Kumquat research, I just happened to stumble upon this article, entitled “How to write a better performance review.” It’s nearly a decade old. The problem? It still smells as fresh as a daisy in … Continue reading

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Kumquat oh Kumquat, how mysterious are thee?

Let me count the ways. We’ve received a number of inquisitive emails about our “little side project.” No, not Return, silly goose. The other side project. The one to which we affectionately refer as Kumquat. And we really appreciate all … Continue reading

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Know your critics, know your fans

When you’re looking for feedback on your performance, it’s critical that you know your critics and know your fans. That’s going to temper your questions and your results. If you’re looking for some praise to raise your spirits, then you’re … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback, not as easy as it seems

Everybody loves positive feedback. But, sometimes, positive isn’t necessarily honest. Or it’s honest, by simply dodging the real issues. Q: How did I do on my project? A: Have you been working out? You look great! Lifehacker points us (“Learn … Continue reading

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Reviews, scheduled or ad hoc? Yes

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: You need to be reading David Maister’s blog. It always gets me thinking. And, quite often, he hits on a topic that causes the folks here to descend upon … Continue reading

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I have a confession to make

I wanted to let you in on this. Because I like you. If you’ve been reading any of the entries at More than a living, you’ve seen us championing the value of good, solid feedback. We love criticism. And we … Continue reading

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