Disrespect : Burnout :: Gasoline : Fire

While it doesn’t come as a shocker that disrespect in the work place is a leading cause for burnout, it does seem interesting that it may be the primary cause for burnout.

Usually, folks point to “over work,” “poor work life balance,” and “unrealistic expectations” as the keys to burnout. But the respect of the organization for the employee? Often an also ran.

Until now.

According to Lakshmi Ramarajan and Sigal G. Barsade of Wharton, lack of respect could be the primary contributor for burnout. To wit:

Employee perceptions of respect, in terms of how the organization treats its employees in general, and how employees treat each other, will be an important influence on employees’ work experience and feelings of burnout.

Right. I know. Not a shocker. But isn’t it nice to see it codified? Isn’t it nice to see that what you’ve been feeling has actually been validated?

I agree, so get to reading:

(Hat tips to LifeHacker and BlogHer)

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