Who Values Employees?

Not feeling like employees are valued? Having a hard time recruiting and retaining talent on your teams?

Put this in front of your executive management team:
A study commissioned by Pershing Advisory Services, “A View From the Top: Best Practices in Leveraging Human Capital“, looks at how companies with annual revenue of more than $1M value employees. Among the recommendations:

  • Placing an emphasis on corporate culture and reputation
  • Providing employees with a career path, defined reporting structure, and periodic reviews
  • Segmenting clients to ensure that talent levels align with with client needs to demonstrate value

While focused with an eye toward investment advisory firms, the recommendations should ring true across industries. Ask yourself:

  • Is our corporate culture pervasive, with our values reflected in how we talk about and measure our business?
  • What importance do we place on company reputation, with not only customers but also suppliers and employees (past, present, future)?
  • Are you giving your employees something to work toward? Do they understand their accountabilities? Are you giving them feedback (good and bad) that reinforces positive behaviors and gives them areas for growth?
  • Are you stretching your employees in such a way that they can add more value in the next project than they did in this one?
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