What is Talent Demanding?

Demanding moreSo I’m doing some research for a client, looking at the staffing measures of peer finance departments in other organizations, and found the Demandments from Talent Mindset. Some pretty smart observations if you find yourself searching for in-demand talent.

Why didn’t we get this breakdown coming out of school? I’ll be surprised if you are surprised when reading this list of demandments. (Will you be surprised if I’m surprised you’re surprised? Hmm.)

For those even several years out of your MBA like I am, I find this interesting to consider when working with clients working to build teams as well in as for my own searching for professional resources and collaborators on projects.

This work by Susan Marks breaks down the following Demandments:

Demandment 01. Earn My Trust
Demandment 02. Inspire Me
Demandment 03. Make It Easy
Demandment 04. Put Me in Charge
Demandment 05. Guide Me
Demandment 06. 24/7
Demandment 07. Get to Know Me
Demandment 08. Exceed My Expectations
Demandment 09. Reward Me
Demandment 10. Stay with Me

I like the thinking, and find this pretty straightforward. There is also the Demandments self-assessment tool, which I find quite useful in thinking through the measures of how a company performs.

If you are looking, and just starting to think about “smart questions” for your interview, consider these thoughts from Demandment 2 – Inspire Me:

Motivate me: Help me to see a better me. Meet me where I am, but understand that I want to continue learning and experiencing. Tell me about opportunities to travel, attend classes and continue my education. Tell me about development and advancement opportunities. I want to live my life, not spend it. Let me make a difference at work and after work!

Share the wealth:Talk to me about total compensation—my salary, bonus, and benefits. Tell me how I can develop a strong portfolio of skills and experiences, and then how I can move horizontally and vertically within your company. Show me how others have built careers at your company. And don’t just talk to me about the extrinsic rewards; help me to understand the intrinsic rewards as well, the ones that will stick with me all my life.

And if you are on the hiring side of the table, you might do a bit of reflection and research to be sure you can answer these.

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3 Responses to What is Talent Demanding?

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  2. Amybeth says:

    Wonderful stuff, as usual! These Demandments will certainly be helpful to interviewers who need to impress top talent, or businesses who are entertaining a new client!

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