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How to write a better performance review

As I was doing a little Kumquat research, I just happened to stumble upon this article, entitled “How to write a better performance review.” It’s nearly a decade old. The problem? It still smells as fresh as a daisy in … Continue reading

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Want to work from home? Tips on making your work and life intramural

For many of us, working from home holds a great deal more appeal than sitting in a noisy–or worse yet, deathly silent–cube farm, day-in, day-out. I know that I’m more productive here than I ever was in the office. And … Continue reading

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5 tips to guarantee fulfillment on your next project (even if it's a complete failure)

As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts, I tend to get hung up on the big picture. And because of that, I tend to overlook smaller successes. Or I downplay them. A change of perspective is in order. … Continue reading

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Job titles draw additional ire

Toby and I have had our recent rants on job titles and their ever increasing irrelevance. We’re a cranky lot. We like to criticize a great deal. And I’ll let you in on a little something. Keep this a secret, … Continue reading

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Getting your dream job

How do you go about getting your dream job? Do you even know what your dream job would be? Well, here’s something that may help. There’s a great comment thread (both good and bad) on Lifehacker in response to their … Continue reading

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Don't fight the rhythm

(Hat tip to Kathy Sierra for Creating Passionate Users: Rhythm method) One of the problems with driven employees is that they think they should be working–all of the time. I know, because I think I should be working all the … Continue reading

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Finding your creative Zen: Getting your right brain and left brain to work together

Chris Pearson is a genius. I would have said that before simply because he’s the one who created the Cutline theme for WordPress. But, now, I have another reason. This post: How to Find Your Creative Zen. Well, that, and … Continue reading

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It's beginning to look a lot like performance review time

Maybe not for everyone, but there are some good points in How To Ace A Performance Review, especially for folks who actually get performance reviews. I once went more than 5 years WITHOUT ANY ASSESSMENT WHATSOEVER of my performance and… … Continue reading

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