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Are you obsolete? Why not?

Your ultimate goal–at any job–should be achieving your own obsolescence. When you achieve that, you’ve really succeeded. You should be extinct. Not only that, but you should plan to be extinct. You should strive to be extinct. You should be … Continue reading

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Applying the "Sustainable" philosophy to business processes

I’m a big fan of sustainability. I’m, admittedly, not as good at as I could be. But I’m constantly working to get better. I’ve been recycling for nearly 20 years (yes, kids, there was once a time when people didn’t … Continue reading

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How Much is a Referral Worth?

Tough question, and one that shouldn’t be answered too quickly. A referral, a reference, a recommendation – these things just happen on the fly, over casual lunches and at backyard barbecues. At little league. Over beers. So easy for someone … Continue reading

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Does that embarrass you?

We, as a species, are big fans of veneer. No, not Vermeer. Although Girl with a Pearl Earring is a beautiful piece, I must admit. The enigmatic nature of her countenance, at times, rivals even that of the Mona Lisa. … Continue reading

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Bad is easy, good is difficult

Why, why, why is it so much easier to be bad than good? I think one of the primary reasons is that there are a wide variety of excuses for being bad (“I didn’t have time,” “I’ve been meaning to … Continue reading

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10,000 spam comments

A bit of an editorial note on a not-so-happy milestone. We officially launched More than a living roughly 8 months ago. Today, we have received our 10,000th spam comment. To put that in context, that’s: Roughly 27 to 1 for … Continue reading

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