Performance Reviews for Experts

Do you employ experts? Do you wish you did? What’s the hold up? A review of some past rants on Pride and Workmanship have me wondering,

Does the conferring title of “expert” on members of your team result in a higher quality of work?

I’m inclined to think it does.

Right or wrong, when I am invested in a piece of work that resonates at a being level, where I’m emotionally invested and finding real satisfaction in my work, I am certain to ensure each T is crossed, each corner is square. It can be a presentation for a client, or a bit of painting around the house. I want to be proud of this work that others recognize as mine.

Accountability is a by product of ownership. To increase ownership of results in your team, increase the level of expertise.

Getting expert talent in house is simple – set an expectation for people to operate as experts. Most folks will rise or slump to the expectations set for them – so set high expectations. Use discussions of performance to acknowledge good work, and challenge your team to reach higher.

Performance reviews should be first and foremost about Performance. Not compensation. Communicate your expectations of what an Expert does in this role, and contrast performance against this metric.

Developing experts is good for you, and good for your brand when they move on to new challenges. An expert manager understands what it takes to turn potential into concrete deliverables. And everyone – everyone – wants to work for managers that create strong reputations and accelerate (or launch) careers.
Working with experts elevates your game. If you love what you do, this feeds your own development.

Management loves to promote those that can manage AND deliver. Those capable of transforming talent into expert contributors. Professionals that make themselves dispensable at one level so they can move on (and up) for broader contributions. Good managers can combine opportunity, talent, and training to create professionals that render high quality results – that take pride in their work.
Be a Talent Transformer.

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