Transparency. It's not just for companies, anymore

Is lying holding you back?Yes, yes, yes. “transparency” is a complete buzzword. I agree.

What’s a better word or phrase?

  • Honesty
  • Telling the truth
  • Not lying
  • Not fudging
  • Telling it straight
  • The real deal
  • That’s how I roll

You get the point.

But to be blunt, lying has become as commonplace in businesses as, well, breathing. So, businesses have come under a great deal of scrutiny. And, because of that, the public has made a seemingly simple request.

Tell the truth.

Well, you know what? It’s not just businesses that make a habit of lying.

You know what I’m talking about. Have you read your resume lately?

I mean, it might not be outright lying, but I think you see where I’m going.

“Oh, it’s just a little polish.”

Turtle Wax doesn’t have that much polish, my friend.

So why not try this? Why not try writing the exact opposite of what you’ve got right now?

So, if your current summary reads:

Motivated self-starter with extensive marketing experience. Detailed understanding of management. Very experienced with product marketing in a startup environment. Team player.

Rewrite it to read the opposite:

Unmotivated slacker with no marketing experience. I don’t understand management. I mean, at all. Little experience, if any, with product marketing. I don’t play well with others. Ever.

Seems a bit ridiculous, now, doesn’t it?

Well, so does the original.

And I mean, really, when it comes right down to it, would you want to work for a company that believed those lies? Oopie. I mean, polish.

Well, would you?

About Rick Turoczy

More than mildly obsessed with the Portland startup community. Founder and editor at Silicon Florist. Cofounder and general manager at PIE. Follow me on Twitter: @turoczy
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