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Lying on your resume

Now, let’s be honest. We’ve all told a little fib or two on our resume from time to time. Added a little hyperbole. (Like saying that you were Time’s Person of the Year in 2006.) Blown a few things out … Continue reading

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There's even a manifesto for being happy at work

The more manifestos the better. That’s what we always say. And while 26 points may be a little long–and rival the verbosity of our own postulates–I think this is well worth the read: The Happy At Work Manifesto (Hat tip … Continue reading

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Do you want loyal employees or happy employees?

As usual, the pig got me thinking again. In this entry, Jack is talking about customer happiness and loyalty, but it got me to thinking about employee happiness and loyalty. Try reading the quote he cites from Fred Reichheld, “the … Continue reading

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