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Unlimited vacation for everyone

When I first headed out on my own, one of the common responses I would get to my incessant bragging was “Wow. Getting to work on your own schedule. That’s like having unlimited vacation.” Yes, that’s true. It is like … Continue reading

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Why should this outlook be particular to startups?

Happened upon Andy Monfried’s You ain’t gonna learn what you don’t want to know when I was pointed to the post Value creation in a startup. Two things occur to me: Andy can craft a meandering rant that rivals even … Continue reading

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File under "Insights that seem shocking if you've been working under a rock"

According to the Houston Chronicle–or as the hip kids like to call it “The Chron”–half of your stellar employees may be looking for a new gig. No. I’m serious. Forty-seven percent of your most productive, most creative, most valuable workers … Continue reading

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Feeling Valued

I was reading my first monthly magazine from Investment Advisor, a subscription offer that had peaked my interest, though I sit outside their target market. (Since I think about one’s career as perhaps their core asset in their investment portfolio, … Continue reading

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The Inequity of Equity

The dream- your hand on the wheel, guiding your ship where you will, when you will. The wind at your back, the sun in your face. Ahh – the entrepreneurial dream. (You know I’m not really talking about sailing, right?) … Continue reading

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Is it Too Late Once the Job is Posted?

When I become disenchanted (before disenfranchised but after focus has faded), I’ll often start drumming through the help wanted ads online. Monster. HotJobs. Indeed. Craigslist. This surfing is done in lieu of completing the management reports that no one reads, … Continue reading

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Separation Analysis – What Companies Fail to Understand

A friend recently left his most recent job to go it on his own, no small feat when you think about the comfort that comes from being part of a larger organization. The funny thing is, this seems to be … Continue reading

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A Focus on Results? Fancy That

I can’t really conceive of a results-only work environment. This sounds like a fixed-bid, sub-contractor kind of gig, where expectations are easily spelled out, and results easily evaluated. (And evaluation of the results seems like the real challenge.) This hasn’t … Continue reading

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