Whototalkto, a job referral exchange

Stumbled upon an interesting concept via LifeHacker, today.

It’s a new take on the ever popular “social networking” construct for finding jobs. But this one seems to have a bit more merit than the now-traditional LinkedIn model. It’s more along the lines of the low-hurdle exclusivity of Jobster (which has gone through a wacky and not-too-appealing redesign as of late, I might add).

Still worth a look. Because, as unfortunate as it may be, we all know it’s not what you know…

Who to talk to

From the Whototalkto site:

When you join our site, we ask you to contribute at least one job referral to gain access to our network. Remember, we’re a job referral exchange, so every member must contribute something for the exchange to work. The good news is, the more you contribute, the more you get from the network!…

Whototalkto is a one-to-one job referral exchange. Every time you share a job lead with another user, you get one point from them. You can then use that point to “pay for” any job referrals you want to learn more about.

We’re just digging into it. If you’re doing the same, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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