Will Past Co-Workers become Current Again?

Keeping in touchRick’s “Hiring decisions, when mistakes keep on giving and giving and giving” really changes the way I think about the hiring process.

  • Is this hire so good that they really grow your brand?
  • Do they enhance your corporate value when they go out and network in the marketplace?
  • Do past co-workers in new companies increase the likelihood that you will be interviewed, given your shared past?

I have worked with some amazing folks, and often wonder how our paths might cross again in the future. I’ve had some fantastic relationships that continue beyond our shared work environment, and value the opinions of these professionals when they talk about new experiences, companies, or professionals they are now working with.

So while I can readily see working with the people again (a relocated community, as it were), I don’t as often see myself returning to an organization I was involved with in the past. This might stem from my insatiable curiousity about new experiences (industries, functional roles, unique cultural challenges), but I also don’t feel that connected after I leave.

I know, duh. I left, so of course not. But this is where I think corporate alumni networks have real value. They keep you in touch with your past, and affirm the value of that affiliation in a way that confirms your good sense to join them in the first place.

I’ve worked with several ex-Big Four auditing and consulting professionals, and always marvel at how well these alum remain connected. They carry (and leverage) the brand promise beyond their work at that employer. While they may not choose to return, they remain very much connected with these past communities.

We’ve talked about how you will likely not retire from your current role. But should an employer work to maintain relationships with former employees, it is possible that you could retire from that employer at some future date in some very different role.

How likely are you to return to a past stomping ground? What is your company doing to lure back high performing talent?

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