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Making yourself accountable

I was thinking about Kumquat, again. Constantly. This time, I was trying to figure out why the idea behind Kumquat appealed to me, so that I could explain to other people why its an important shift in thinking. Somehow, “I … Continue reading

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Why this site will never have a million visitors

It’s become clear that more interaction with our reader base would be both welcome and warranted. Toby has mentioned it, both in conversation and in posts. Amy has mentioned it. And I know I could use it. I mean, as … Continue reading

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Good to Great case study alert. No, the other kind of case study.

[Editor’s note: I couldn’t decide if this post was more appropriate for hypocritical or for here. I opted for here. Feel free to slam me, via the comments, should you disagree.] Have you read Good to Great? Well, we happen … Continue reading

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Fun doesn't have to equal free. Does it?

I was chatting with Toby, this morning, about his “Professional Peer Referrals” post. And as I was describing my issues with the whole “pay to play” concept, something dawned on me. I have a really, really hard time charging people … Continue reading

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Professional Peer Referrals

For those that have jumped the fence into the world of consulting, the question invariably comes up on what is a qualified referral worth? Thanks to the Bay Area Consulting Network, I’ve found the first of what may become a … Continue reading

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Some weekend reading and thinking

Have a good weekend. Try to unplug. But if you wind up online, here’s some stuff to peruse: Head, shoulder, foot! “Most founders think about complementing technical or business skills when they build their intial team. Fewer think about the … Continue reading

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Don't hold me to this number

You ever been around someone–you, me, anyone–trying to come up with a “rough estimate,” off the cuff? As opposed to a smooth estimate? A solid estimate? An exact guess? Whatever. Oxymorons aside. Bear with me. I have a point. No … Continue reading

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Transparency. It's not just for companies, anymore

Yes, yes, yes. “transparency” is a complete buzzword. I agree. What’s a better word or phrase? Honesty Telling the truth Not lying Not fudging Telling it straight The real deal That’s how I roll You get the point. But to … Continue reading

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Top 5 posts for July 2007

I’ve been digging through some of the Web logs. Trying to get an understanding of what’s popular, what’s not, what works, what doesn’t, what motivates people to comment, what draws no reaction whatsoever. I know. Strange, huh? I’m wacky that … Continue reading

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Define success

Two little words. But they can provide a whole lot of clarity. “Define success.” Say it to yourself. Say it to your boss. Say it to your client. “Define success.” Forming the response to this question does two, critically important … Continue reading

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