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Leveraging Millennial Talent – Some Unsolicited Advice

I love my daily dose of Systematic HR. A great reflection on millennial talent resonates. I think that “life indeed is the pursuit, not the fulfillment of one’s work life” is a key point that Gen Xers had to slowly … Continue reading

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Expecting Common Sense in the Workplace

Hmm. Common Sense may not be as common as you’d like. Reading over at Educated Being put this idea in perspective, and highlights a shift in expectation from Common Sense to Responsibility: Every individual has different origin, experiences, and way … Continue reading

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Blogging at Work? What would Happen to You…

if your company found out you were blogging at work? (This link was live, but apperas to have been pulled.) What if you found out your employees were blogging or reading blogs. Instead of doing their work? Would you get … Continue reading

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Reviews, scheduled or ad hoc? Yes

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: You need to be reading David Maister’s blog. It always gets me thinking. And, quite often, he hits on a topic that causes the folks here to descend upon … Continue reading

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I'm betting your boss didn't write this one

If you had received this note from your boss–or the boss–at your last job, would you still be there? Would you like to get a note like this from your current boss? (Hat tip to Seth Godin)

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Unhappy Employees Almost the Majority

And you thought you were alone in your unhappy job situation? Only 47 percent of Americans say they’re satisfied with their jobs, a sizable drop from the 61.1 percent who expressed satisfaction in a similar survey 20 years ago. That … Continue reading

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Sometimes your support structure is neither supportive nor structured, discuss

I’m just a magnet for these things lately. It’s beginning to unnerve me. But, I’m continuing to encounter quotes from famous folks that just really hit home. Maybe I’m looking for inspiration. Maybe I’m just riding a strange wave of … Continue reading

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Sludge at Work

If you haven’t heard of CultureRx, it’s worth a peek. This consultancy, which came out of Best Buy, works to put focus on the results of work efforts for professionals instead of measuring the sum of hours that are spent … Continue reading

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Lying on your resume

Now, let’s be honest. We’ve all told a little fib or two on our resume from time to time. Added a little hyperbole. (Like saying that you were Time’s Person of the Year in 2006.) Blown a few things out … Continue reading

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The Power of Inspiring Words

I’m not a fan of the inspirational posters that hang on the walls of so many offices and companies these days. They are well intended, but too often feel like window-dressing – there to send a message but without conviction. … Continue reading

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