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Ask for feedback electronically

I’m sure you, being the insightful person you are, have noticed that interacting via electronic means gives people a little more distance. It gives them a little more confidence. It frees them to make more insightful comments. Okay, okay. It … Continue reading

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Who Values Employees?

Not feeling like employees are valued? Having a hard time recruiting and retaining talent on your teams? Put this in front of your executive management team: A study commissioned by Pershing Advisory Services, “A View From the Top: Best Practices … Continue reading

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Parenting versus Babysitting – The Manager's Duty

“I didn’t take them on to raise” is a phrase I’ve heard not just once in my professional career. And the retort is, “well, yes you did.” Crap managers babysit, good managers parent. (And if you’ve had a really rockstar … Continue reading

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