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Viva la Mediocrity

You realize of course that the longer you plug away below your ability, the less likely that you will find yourself pushing into new territory. Complacency will turn your beard white. I think that Rip Van Winkle probably worked in … Continue reading

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In 90 days, where would you like to be?

Here’s another great snippet on goal setting from LifeDev, The 90-Day Rule The thing that struck me? I am forever hassling people to come up with 18-month plans and 3-year plans. Hassle hassle hassle. But now? Now, I can also … Continue reading

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Mavericks at Work

It just dawned on me that you bright-eyed, happy-go-lucky kids seem like the types who might jump at the chance to read Mavericks at Work. Well, not to rain on your parade, sunshine. But I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’ll … Continue reading

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Parenting versus Babysitting – The Manager's Duty

“I didn’t take them on to raise” is a phrase I’ve heard not just once in my professional career. And the retort is, “well, yes you did.” Crap managers babysit, good managers parent. (And if you’ve had a really rockstar … Continue reading

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Understanding what's compromising your productivity (part 2)

Wasn’t I just talking about the Yin of getting down playing into the Yang of lackluster productivity? Oh, why yes I was, in the previous post. So what if you could improve productivity (using the previous post) even if you … Continue reading

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Keeping a stiff upper lip

Over at Escape from Cubicle Nation, Pam alludes to the fears that overtake all entrepreneurs at some point or another. And works Saturday Night Live into the discussion, to boot. Continue reading

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Trouble finding your passion? Maybe you need a compass

Looking back at that title, I appear to be singing Flashdance. Please ignore that. Or, if you like Flashdance, embrace it. Anyhoo. I’ve followed Curt Rosengren for some time. He’s been thinking about this stuff for quite a while. And … Continue reading

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Inspiring your employees

Amy just shared this Bank of America video which, unfortunately, reminded me of this Starbucks one. Now that I’ve finished laughing, it’s got me thinking: This is impressive. Admittedly, in a very sick way. But impressive. These companies have to … Continue reading

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Why do you do it?

Over at his Wisdump, Paul Scrivens of 9rules fame has a rather interesting take on the reward systems that social sites are pursuing. The post, entitled The Overjustification Effect and User Generated Content, tackles the fame versus fortune rewards of … Continue reading

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