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Kathy Sierra's four killer questions

I could spend this post regurgitating the brilliance to be found in Kathy Sierra’s recent post, Don’t ask employees to be passionate about the company, but I’ll assume that you’re reading her stuff on a regular basis. You are reading … Continue reading

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There's even a manifesto for being happy at work

The more manifestos the better. That’s what we always say. And while 26 points may be a little long–and rival the verbosity of our own postulates–I think this is well worth the read: The Happy At Work Manifesto (Hat tip … Continue reading

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The Peanut Butter Manifesto

How would you like to work for Brad Garlinghouse at Yahoo!? Yeah, me too. Read his Peanut Butter Manifesto or, if the Wall Street Journal link lapses, via Techcrunch. See? I told you everyone had one.

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Parenting versus Babysitting – The Manager's Duty

“I didn’t take them on to raise” is a phrase I’ve heard not just once in my professional career. And the retort is, “well, yes you did.” Crap managers babysit, good managers parent. (And if you’ve had a really rockstar … Continue reading

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Trouble finding your passion? Maybe you need a compass

Looking back at that title, I appear to be singing Flashdance. Please ignore that. Or, if you like Flashdance, embrace it. Anyhoo. I’ve followed Curt Rosengren for some time. He’s been thinking about this stuff for quite a while. And … Continue reading

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Inspiring your employees

Amy just shared this Bank of America video which, unfortunately, reminded me of this Starbucks one. Now that I’ve finished laughing, it’s got me thinking: This is impressive. Admittedly, in a very sick way. But impressive. These companies have to … Continue reading

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Another venue for Kathy Sierra worship

So, any of you who have read hypocritical must realize that Kathy Sierra holds a special place in my heart. Because she’s a genius and I heart geniuses. And because she’s real and genuine. And that makes me appreciate her … Continue reading

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