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Performance Review Hard Luck Story: Number 237

Here is a new “performance review hard luck story” for the files, courtesy of JoJo’s World: During my stay here for 2.5 months, my supervisor kept on changing. My leave approval and performance assessment is done by different bosses and … Continue reading

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How to write a better performance review

As I was doing a little Kumquat research, I just happened to stumble upon this article, entitled “How to write a better performance review.” It’s nearly a decade old. The problem? It still smells as fresh as a daisy in … Continue reading

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Firing an employee is a sensitive thing. You don’t actually hear about a lot of people getting fired these days — layoffs, “RIFs” and other corporate double-speak for letting people go is more typical. Actually firing a person is (in … Continue reading

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You own your own performance management

Catching up on some of my reading, obviously. Dave Lefkow over on Director of Recruiting posits the question, “Who will own performance management?” It’s a great question. Everyone wants there to be performance management. Everyone realizes there is value there. … Continue reading

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Getting honest feedback, not as easy as it seems

Everybody loves positive feedback. But, sometimes, positive isn’t necessarily honest. Or it’s honest, by simply dodging the real issues. Q: How did I do on my project? A: Have you been working out? You look great! Lifehacker points us (“Learn … Continue reading

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Unhappy Employees Almost the Majority

And you thought you were alone in your unhappy job situation? Only 47 percent of Americans say they’re satisfied with their jobs, a sizable drop from the 61.1 percent who expressed satisfaction in a similar survey 20 years ago. That … Continue reading

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Friday pop quiz: Performance reviews

In terms of performance reviews, would you prefer: More reviews of your performance with more qualitative feedback? More reviews of your performance with more quantitative feedback? Any performance review with honest critical feedback, constructive or otherwise? All of the above? … Continue reading

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The only constant is you

When Toby and I started scribbling the ideas that became More than a living, we were trying to find a way to describe the business ennui in which we both found ourselves seemingly irrevocably ensconced. Part of that cathartic process … Continue reading

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Graphing despair, fulfillment, success, and failure

As Kathy Sierra has taught me time and time again, a solid visual can really drive home your point. I’m sorry? A picture is worth a thousand words? Hmm. That sounds like an interesting quote. You should consider maybe shopping … Continue reading

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How do You Add Up?

Reading and commenting on Rick’s run on cross-functional collaboration got me thinking, what the heck would be on my professional card if biz people had baseball cards? My rookie card was near worthless. I was a moderately interested student at … Continue reading

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