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Same board, different game

Having kids, I tend to play a lot of board games. A lot. And not different board games, mind you. The same board game over and over and over and over and, well, you get the picture. Kids like repetition. … Continue reading

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Job titles draw additional ire

Toby and I have had our recent rants on job titles and their ever increasing irrelevance. We’re a cranky lot. We like to criticize a great deal. And I’ll let you in on a little something. Keep this a secret, … Continue reading

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Does this capture it? I believe that Purpose—not money, not status—is what people most want from work. Make no mistake: they want compensation; some want an ego-affirming title. Even more, though, they want their lives to mean something, they want … Continue reading

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Graphing despair, fulfillment, success, and failure

As Kathy Sierra has taught me time and time again, a solid visual can really drive home your point. I’m sorry? A picture is worth a thousand words? Hmm. That sounds like an interesting quote. You should consider maybe shopping … Continue reading

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How do You Add Up?

Reading and commenting on Rick’s run on cross-functional collaboration got me thinking, what the heck would be on my professional card if biz people had baseball cards? My rookie card was near worthless. I was a moderately interested student at … Continue reading

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Include the people who aren't normally included

As usual, Seth Godin managed to get my brain percolating with his homage to Lenny Levine, the “greatest kindergarten teacher ever,” entitled “You can’t say you can’t play.” Genius, Lenny. Catchy and insightful. Simple and poignant. Lenny’s concept “You can’t … Continue reading

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Unlimited vacation for everyone

When I first headed out on my own, one of the common responses I would get to my incessant bragging was “Wow. Getting to work on your own schedule. That’s like having unlimited vacation.” Yes, that’s true. It is like … Continue reading

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Getting your dream job

How do you go about getting your dream job? Do you even know what your dream job would be? Well, here’s something that may help. There’s a great comment thread (both good and bad) on Lifehacker in response to their … Continue reading

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How valuable is talent? More valuable than experience?

I’ll keep this short, because there is plenty to read after the jump. Enjoy. Talent vs. experience? And, if you like, c’mon back and share your views.

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Are you asking why or are you asking when?

Most of us get into a groove. And we think we know what we’re doing. We think the people around us know what they’re doing. And we begin to trust in the greater good. We begin to get ever so … Continue reading

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