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The Power of Inspiring Words

I’m not a fan of the inspirational posters that hang on the walls of so many offices and companies these days. They are well intended, but too often feel like window-dressing – there to send a message but without conviction. … Continue reading

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Disrespect : Burnout :: Gasoline : Fire

While it doesn’t come as a shocker that disrespect in the work place is a leading cause for burnout, it does seem interesting that it may be the primary cause for burnout. Usually, folks point to “over work,” “poor work … Continue reading

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Miscommunicating on money versus meaning

This really did start out as a comment to John Moore’s Brand Autopsy entry entitled Is it Making Money or Making Meaning? But I just kept writing and writing and writing. So I thought I’d move it over here. In … Continue reading

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Same board, different game

Having kids, I tend to play a lot of board games. A lot. And not different board games, mind you. The same board game over and over and over and over and, well, you get the picture. Kids like repetition. … Continue reading

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Job titles draw additional ire

Toby and I have had our recent rants on job titles and their ever increasing irrelevance. We’re a cranky lot. We like to criticize a great deal. And I’ll let you in on a little something. Keep this a secret, … Continue reading

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Does this capture it? I believe that Purpose—not money, not status—is what people most want from work. Make no mistake: they want compensation; some want an ego-affirming title. Even more, though, they want their lives to mean something, they want … Continue reading

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Graphing despair, fulfillment, success, and failure

As Kathy Sierra has taught me time and time again, a solid visual can really drive home your point. I’m sorry? A picture is worth a thousand words? Hmm. That sounds like an interesting quote. You should consider maybe shopping … Continue reading

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