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Should Rachel Ray work at KFC?

Toby and I have been chatting quite a bit about “personal brand” as of late. About its value to both you and your organization. But I’ve been struggling for a way to describe the value of personal brand in a … Continue reading

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Product or a Brand? Yes.

Are you a Product or a Brand? We have repeatedly said, “Yes”, but this is worth considering when thinking about how you contemplate your Product Management versus Brand issue: [Tom] Peters uses the word “brand” and [Chris] Brogan uses the … Continue reading

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Partner? What?

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD writes in “Partners, not Employees“, published in a recent Talent Management’s issue (related reflection at his blog): Gone are the days when leaders could be — indeed, were expected to be — aloof and unapproachable, handing out … Continue reading

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Personal Brand Equity: Crunch the Numbers

Speaking of Personal Brand equity, I found this little measure of your brand, recycled (but posted!) from Tom Peters: He offers what he calls a PBE or Personal Brand Equity Test (see below). Take some time to answer the following … Continue reading

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Boing Boing, Little Frog, er, Rabbit

Hippity Hoppity, hippity hoppity… we know this song. But I’m wondering, what is the thinking that motivates job hopping? I’m a mover, a shaker. Or easily distracted, whatever. I’m not the loyal 20-year man that many managers want. I get … Continue reading

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Pablo Picasso anecdote or apocrypha or whatever; it's still a valuable lesson

Toby’s recent post on personal brand highlights some critical questions we should all be asking ourselves. Why? Because we’re obligated to take care of ourselves. It’s not adult day care, folks. And what’s the end result of building all of … Continue reading

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Personal Brand? Where's the Value?

Are you managing your Personal Brand? Is it worth more today than it was a year ago? Your brand value (alternatively – credibility, or reputation) is the incremental compensation you should be receiving over and above candidates in the same … Continue reading

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How do You Add Up?

Reading and commenting on Rick’s run on cross-functional collaboration got me thinking, what the heck would be on my professional card if biz people had baseball cards? My rookie card was near worthless. I was a moderately interested student at … Continue reading

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Advice for entrepreneurs? Guess what? It's useful inside corporations, too

I’ve been noticing more and more blogs, articles, and insights focused on entrepreneurs (which could be, quite possibly, because there are simply more and more of them). In my simplified view, this means one of two things or possibly both: … Continue reading

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Personal Brands Matter in Tacit Work

Labor revolution has taken us from transformational to transactional and now to tacit work. Personal brands matter most when what you buy is intellectual property. You aren’t going to make your name based solely on the hours you work, or … Continue reading

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